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Thank you for being patient as we transitioned to the new website/registration site.  We hope this makes it easier to stay in one place to see what is going on at the Art Center and renew your membership and register for classes too!

Here are some tips on using the new registration portion of the website. 

Please call us during business hours (m-f, 10am-3pm) if you need assistance.  We're always happy to help. 

Choose the class/membership you'd like and complete the form (just like before!).  Click the "Pay online" button and you're done! 

But what if you want to register for a class and renew your membership too?  Or register for more than one class?  There's only 2 options!  "Cancel" (if I accidentally picked the wrong class!  Oops!) or  "Pay online"?  What do I do?????

We're here to help!  Choose the class/membership you'd like and complete the form (just like before!).  Click the "Pay online" button-even if you are not done-to bring you to this screen (this will allow you to add additional memberships/registrations):

**Don't complete any payment details yet!!

To go back and choose additional items, click the link below North Hills Art Center in the upper left corner, circled below in red:

That link will bring you here-where you can continue to add registrations as above.  But wait!  Each time you hit the "pay online" button, it's only showing the current item!  No problem!  Click that link again (the one under North Hills Art Center, in the upper left corner, circled in red) that brings you back to this page!  Ok-now what???? Look way at the bottom right-there's a little message that shows your 'balance due' (circled in red below)!  Ta-da!  It keeps a running total for you!   (Click that link-there's another picture below.)

And that's it!  Your registrations are totaled, you just click the 'pay online' button to complete your registration!  (That button takes you back to that first picture-with the 2 classes and payment form.)  

Here too-if you realized-good golly!  I meant to register for WS-38, not WS-83!  You can "un-check" that registration and go back (you know-the link, circled in red, under North Hills Art Center...upper left) and register for the one you meant.

And so that pesky "oops" isn't hanging around in your registration folder forever...it automatically disappears in about 24 hours if the registration isn't finalized.

We'll see you in class!  Thank you!  

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3432 Babcock Blvd | Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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