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Clay at Home! - for those who have taken a 5 or 6 week pottery class here at the North Hills Art Center. To keep you inspired and your pottery hands active, the North Hills Art Center is making clay available for "claying around at home"! 5 pounds of clay in your choice of brown or white Includes BOTH bisque & glaze firings! Fee: $10 ($9.35 + tax) Additional notes: Clay will be packaged in a bag with your name on it and be placed on the table outside by the pottery room back door for you to pick up. Hand build your creations, and when we are able to reopen, you can bring back your pieces to have them bisque and glazed fired. If you have questions, please contact the office at info@northhillsartcenter.org. BONUS: tip/reminder sheet included with purchase! Orders placed: Monday thru Thursday (by 9pm) will be ready for pick-up on Friday Friday thru Sunday (by 9pm) will be ready for pick-up Tuesday CLAY AT HOME: HELPFUL HINTS AND REMINDERS -Hand building techniques: coiled clay, slab, and pinched pots -Remember to “SCORE AND SLIP” – SCORE-scratch the clay where it joins; SLIP – water used on scored area to help it bond the joint -You can use a rolling pin, wooden dowel or piece of PVC pipe to roll out the clay -The finished clay piece should be ¼” thick and hollow (remember to add a small air hole) -Try not to make items too delicate as you will be transporting them to the Art Center in a very dry and fragile state -If using a mold (like a plate or bowl), spray with vegetable oil spray so the clay doesn't stick -Wedge scraps to remove air bubbles before making something else -A sturdy piece of fabric is a great work surface because the clay won't stick to it -Don't forget to add your name/initials to your pieces! Some ideas: coil vase or mug, animal sculpture (must be hollow with small air hole), vegetable garden labels, birdhouse, herb planter HAVE FUN!!!!!

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3432 Babcock Blvd | Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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