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  • To add more than one class to your registration, click on the "pay online" button.  On the next screen, click the https://northhillsartcenter.org/ link on the upper left of the screenabove enter credit card details. That allows you to add additional classes and pay for them in one transaction.
  • Payment is required at the time of registration. Registrations not finalized within 15 minutes are automatically voided as classes have limited space.
  • You can add a "guest" to your member registration if your guest is also a member. This includes those who  have family memberships which include multiple people.
  • If the guest you are adding does not have a membership, you will need to register them in a separate transaction as a non-member. Registering them as a member delays their registration as all registrations must be paid in full before they are considered final.
  • Please take note of registration deadlines. If you wish to register for a class after the deadline, please contact the office.
  • Refunds for classes and workshops are given for cancellations up to one week prior.


  • Choose the class or membership you'd like and complete the form.
  • Click the "Pay online" button.


  • Choose the class or membership you'd like and complete the form.
  • Click the "pay online" buttoneven if you are not doneto bring you to this screen (pictured below). This will allow you to add additional memberships/registrations. Do not complete any payment details yet.

  • To go back and choose additional items, click the link below "North Hills Art Center" in the upper left corner, circled below in red.

  • That link will bring you back to the home page where you can continue to add registrations as above.  
  • Note that when you click "pay online", the website may still show only the current item. However, the website is still keeping a running total for you and you will still be able to pay the full amount by returning to the home page, and then clicking on "balance due".
  • At this screen (pictured below), you may un-check any incorrect or accidental registrations to remove them from your "cart". You will not be charged for these, and they will be removed from your account within 24 hours.

  • Once you click "pay online" again, enter your payment details, and complete the payment, your registrations will be finalized.
  • And you're done! See you in class! And thank you for supporting the North Hills Art Center.
If you still need help, feel free to call the office at (412) 364-3622. Office hours are weekdays 10 am - 3 pm.

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